Julie Paulino Deisgn

Raised in New York City.  Julie’s exposure to such multicultural and diverse City granted her a profound understanding of global aesthetics.  Interested in Architecture and Interiors, Julie went on to study at Parsons School of Design to further rounded her vision and translate them into exclusive design. 

Inspired by forms, lines and geometry, Tyche by Julie Paulino offers beautiful handcrafted sculptural jewelry with a modern aesthetic that is aimed at the feminine and modern women. Taking inspiration from daily objects, each collection epitomizes jewelry designed for everyday use facilitating layering, mixing and collecting.  

Julie strives to incorporate only high quality materials on each of Tyche’s pieces employing Sterling Deox Silver, a more pure, durable and tarnish resistant silver, natural stones and high quality CZs in an attempt to bridge the gap between Fine and High Fashion jewelry. The line is manufactured in New York.

Julie’s mantra “chic is in the details” encompasses her believe that the right accessory can enhance any outfit.

Tyche by Julie Paulino has been featured in numerous high fashion magazines around the world.